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Ezra Delport comments on NewBreedAfrica auditions

Ezra Delport comments on NewBreedAfrica auditions

As being a part of Israel & Newbreed since the recording of “Live In Africa” it was so great to see more South Africans given an opportunity to show the rest of the world that Jesus is Alive In Africa. I have travelled the world with this team which in my eyes and heart is not a team but a family.

The auditions in Cape Town South Africa was awesome as many turned out to see if they could become part of this family. I could not believe when I arrived to fetch Israel at 5 am for a TV interview to see and answer folk arriving for the auditions. It was a long day and being part of judging was draining as how do you say no to some and yes to others. Our team under the leadership of Lois was great thanks Lois. To all who came please remember that we did not say you could not sing or you no good, we were just looking for people to fit in our type and format of ministry. Please walk tall and ask God to show and open doors for what he wants you to do.

To Israel as a South African thank you for being obedient and giving more people in my country a chance to minister the gospel in this format. You proved to me that your heart is where the people are. I also want to take this time to say thank you for the love and friendship you and your family show towards me and my family. Traveling with you is hard work and rewarding when you see God move and work through this family.

God Bless

Ezra Joshua Delport (Newbreed Family)

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