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All Things New (A note from Israel)

All Things New  (A note from Israel)

“Behold, I am making all things new.” – Revelation 21:5


It’s really an amazing, funny, and humbling thing- when you marinate over a dream for nearly six years- then you wake up one day and realize not only are you in the Center of Gods will; but you are now in reality-land and not dream-land anymore!!!

That is where we pleasantly find ourself today… Inside the trajectory of true momentum! We have labored over so many ‘what-if’s’ over the last six years; believing that God would bless the efforts of NewBreed to expand to S. Africa. And now it’s on!!!!
Nothing blooms and becomes visibly beautiful without the preparing, tilling, planting, watering , and nurturing of what has been planted- and my heart is so full of gratitude firstly to God and then to so many who have sacrificed and labored to make this dream see daylight.

This will be the catalyst for future similar branches in Asia, Europe The Pacific and S. America.
Let’s build this house properly.

Thanks to everyone who believes.
We believe in the future of S. Africa and the entire Continent.


11 Comments to All Things New (A note from Israel)

  1. Mabel

    Wow Praise God for this. In time He makes all things beautiful and He watches over His word. Let it be LORD, let it be!

  2. Millicent Mbaliso

    We praise and exhalt God for this expansion of New Breed. He maketh all things new indeed and his thoughts are much higher than ours!

    I am sooo expectant…God bless this Movement!

  3. Nonny

    There is something powerful called Predestination, God has perfect timing, He is never too early or too late, but He is always on time. I thank God for such an opportunity in SA, it is never a coincidence but a Godincident. Thank you Israel for being an instument and for allowing God to use you at such a time as this. Mauy God continually bless the work of your hands.

  4. I’m so thankful to God for this opportunity of a lifetime, & I’m so looking forward to working with brother Israel Houghton!

  5. Pride Priestly

    All things word in season Rev 21:5. I don’t mind waiting, 22nd July wil chech my inbox.

    • kenneth

      amen bro..when he makes all things new,we have to be carefull lest we are left out Rom 12:2..if the mind is not renewed to the new system God takes us into,you muyt hinder the blessing over your own life

  6. Zenobia

    Amen!!! Its global, Its taking it the the world. And this is the only the beginning of greater things… WOW powerful stuff :)

  7. Shadley

    Thank you for being a beacon of light when we often feel surrounded by darkness. I was at the service this evening at the Hillsongs Church at Century City, Cape Town and was blown away! I am Catholic and have not been to a service of that kind before and I truly enjoyed it. Again, thank you. May God bless your every endevour and may He greatly bless you.

  8. Wow! Truly, God is amazing, how He puts a seed in your heart and causes you to desire it so that his will may come to pass.
    In fact, your testimony inspires me Israel because right now I’m currently stuck in the “what if” bubble for my destiny, but if God could turn your what if into reality then surely He can do the same for me!

    Thank you so much for your ministry Israel, we are truly blessed by your music!

  9. Georgie

    Thank God firstly for the obedience and discipline that Minister Israel and the New Breed team has
    has for the completion of the work of God in this life… We salute you for your hard work guys, oh and
    your excellence in ministry… Through our excellence we honour God and inspire other to it. And
    all, we see the heart of God shine in you… It’s still my cry for Gods heart to be seen in me… That all.
    Nothing else should matter…

    To Israel and th New Breed, never forget that you empower others with your heavenly sound… Don’t
    You dare think of stopping that kinda impact you have on the world through God. We pray and love
    On you all…I’m gonna stop nw, because man I cn go on lol… Bless you all

  10. Ngozi Egbuche

    Hi Israel. I really do hope you get to read this…I’m a Nigerian and a vocalist. I love what you do and am excited you’ve brought Africa into it all. But you’re still so far away for people like us who would give just about anything to be a part of the New breed..I know it’s a long shot but I really do hope you would consider Nigeria too…Thanks.

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